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Milestones Digital Fundraising Benchmarks

Shine a light on digital fundraising milestones to help you drive growth. DonorDrive and Streetlight Digital are partnering to compile, analyze, and present a new benchmarking study — Milestones — to help you measure the success of your organization’s digital fundraising efforts.

Complete Submission by March 22, 2024

Our goal is to create an insightful report with key performance indicators (KPIs) — the kind of data our industry is currently missing about your digital fundraising and marketing efforts.

Some questions we hope to answer: What percentage of donations are coming from digital sources? What are the key channels to drive acquisition and growth? What percent of event dollars come from sponsors? How many fundraisers use a Facebook Fundraisers or a mobile app?

By submitting your data, you’ll get a first look at the benchmarking report. We’ll reveal the benchmarks in an exclusive webinar in April 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Milestones Report different from other benchmarking studies?

We believe in the great work being done by our industry colleagues and partners, but see a gap for meaningful benchmarks specifically for the intersection between digital fundraising and marketing. Our focus is organization level data that can be used to create KPIs, while also drilling down into specific program types to help you measure the success of your specific programs. 

How will my data be shared?

Your data will remain confidential and will be anonymized for the final report. Your organization's participation will be included in the summary and intro of the report, but no data points will be specifically tied to your organization.

What if I don’t have data for all the metrics requested?

That’s OK! We’d love to receive the data you do have available as well as any feedback on the limitations to collecting the additional data points.