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Unlock Your Potential: Guide to Mobile App Adoption

About the Guide

It’s no secret that more people than ever before are turning to their mobile phones to take care of daily tasks, like paying bills, buying groceries, and even attending virtual healthcare appointments. 82% of Americans own a smartphone — and by 2025, it’s expected that nearly 73% of smartphone users will access the internet solely from their smartphones.

Meeting your fundraisers where they are is essential to keeping them engaged and making the fundraising process as seamless as possible. Using a mobile app, supporters can access key information about the causes they support and quickly mobilize to fundraise for those causes.

Within this guide, you’ll find actionable insights and tips to drive mobile app adoption and engagement among your supporters, including:

  • How to Get More Fundraisers Using the App

  • How to Increase Fundraiser Engagement within the App

  • Success Stories from Organizations Using the App Today

  • Checklists to Set You Up for Success at Each Stage