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Drive Conversion and Revenue for Individual Giving with Embedded Donation Forms

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Jenny Gaffey

Senior Product Manager

As charitable giving has dropped over the last few years, nonprofit organizations need engaging, inspiring experiences that connect supporters to their cause and inspire them to donate. Last year, we introduced Embedded Donation Forms to increase website conversion and Individual Giving revenue by creating a flexible donor experience that integrates directly into any third party webpage. Supporters can seamlessly give a donation without ever being redirected — keeping them connected to your organization and its mission.

DonorDrive clients have already seen great results from Embedded Donation Forms. National MS Society replaced the primary donate button on their main website with an embedded form, and after only 90 days, saw amazing results:

"It’s a very elevated user experience. It looks clean and trustworthy, modern, and much more secure."

— Jessica Michels, Director, Technical Product Management, NMSS

Based on user testing and feedback from clients, we have continued to build upon the success of Embedded Donation Forms to further improve conversion and drive higher revenue. The new look and feel for the embedded donation flow reduces donor friction. Plus, your team can build a personalized embedded donation experience that you and your donors will love!

Take a closer look at the latest updates!

Pro Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Embedded Donation Forms

Update the Donate Button on Your Website Homepage

  • Make giving easy for your donors by requiring fewer clicks and no redirects to complete their gift on your website with an Embedded Donation Form. 

  • Continue to have a dedicated, configurable DonorDrive landing page and standalone donation page for deeper engagement opportunities — all with one set up!

Build Donor Trust with Branding & Configuration Options 

  • Promote your brand and build donor trust by adding your organization’s logo and configuring form colors and styling.
  • Update the heading of your embedded form to align with your campaign messaging.

Enhance Storytelling with the Campaign Description Panel 

  • Extend marketing imagery and messaging directly into your donation forms by adding a campaign image and description with the Campaign Description Panel.
  • Great for highlighting giving days, matching campaigns, corporate sponsors, or hero stories!

Connect with Supporters in their Preferred Language 

  • Embedded Donation Forms support multilingual settings so you can configure a logo, heading, and Campaign Description Panel in English, Spanish, and French.

Inspire Donors with Suggested Donation Amounts

  • Connect each donation to your mission by clearly communicating what your donor’s dollars support. Add descriptions to your Suggested Donation Amounts to tie giving directly to impact.

Grow Recurring Giving with Monthly Upgrade Suggestion

  • Prompt donors to increase their impact with a monthly donation rather than a one-time gift with the Monthly Upgrade Suggestion button.

Collect Valuable Donor Information with Custom Form Questions

  • Collect tribute or memorial gift information and learn more about your donors by adding Custom Form Questions.
  • There is no limit to how many form questions you include, but we recommend only asking for information you will actually use. 
  • Looking for an expedited donor experience? No problem! Omit the Donation Questions step entirely from the donation form to reduce friction in the donation process!

Enable Matching Gift Automation 

  • Integrate with third-party matching gift services like Double The Donation that help automate tracking and fulfilling matching-eligible gifts.

Enable Apple Pay & Other Digital Wallet Options 

  • Digital wallet payment options simplify the donation process by leveraging saved, secure payment information on a donor’s device. 

Save Donors Time with Address Autocomplete

  • Reduce friction in the donation process and save donors valuable time with address autocomplete. Supporters can select their address from a dropdown menu to automatically populate form fields — minimizing manual effort.

Customize Your Thank Yous

  • Personalize the messaging and content on your embedded form Thank You page including links, images, and CTA buttons.

Expand Your Reach with Social Sharing

  • Acquire new donors and build awareness for your mission with social sharing options. Encourage donors to share their donation activity after they’ve donated with social sharing buttons on the embedded form Thank You page.

Track your Donor Activity

  • Reliably track how donors interact with your Embedded Donation Forms with Google Tag Manager (GTM). Use this data to inform marketing strategies, donation form configuration, and more!

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