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Accept Donor Advised Fund donations in DonorDrive with DAFpay™

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Kay Todd

Product Marketing Manager

Nonprofits face an increasing amount of pressure to acquire new donors at a higher rate than ever after a 6% decline in giving by individuals in 2022. Despite this overall slowdown in individual giving, and a fragmented giving experience, grants from Donor Advised Funds (DAF) grew by 9% at $52.16 billion, with an average DAF donation of $4,798. The impressive growth from Donor Advised Funds can’t be ignored and with $229 billion still sitting DAF accounts waiting to be granted to nonprofits. Nonprofits must take action to convert more donors in the moment.

DAFpay™ by Chariot is now available as an integrated payment option across all DonorDrive donation experiences. With DAFpay™, donors can grant directly from their DAF accounts to your giving campaigns, events, participant and team fundraising pages without leaving your DonorDrive site.

Donors can give using their DAF accounts without leaving your donation flow.

Historically, donors have a poor experience giving through their DAF providers, and DAF giving is completely disconnected from nonprofits' broader online fundraising efforts. Now, DAF giving can happen at the point of inspiration on your DonorDrive site after donors receive an appeal from your organization, click your social media ads, or receive a link from a friend.

DAFpay is supported on all DonorDrive donation forms, including:

  • Embedded Donation Forms
  • Express Donate™ for giving campaigns, event/personal/team fundraising pages
  • Standard Donate/dedicated giving pages for giving campaigns, event/personal/team fundraising pages

Save valuable staff time with automatic tracking and acknowledgements for DAF donations.

After giving with a DAF account on DonorDrive, donors receive your personalized, automated notifications, and their donation details are tracked in DonorDrive all the way through to your CRM, like any other transaction.

Your organization can track the status for DAF donations, and grants received can be electronically transferred to your organization’s bank account from your Chariot account via ACH.

For more information and to schedule a demo of DonorDrive's DAFpay™ and other solutions, contact us


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