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DonorDrive and Leading Enterprise Nonprofits Join Forces for TwitchCon 2023

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Kay Todd

Product Marketing Manager

TwitchCon 2023 is just a week away, and we’re feverishly finalizing details for the DonorDrive Charity World. The convention organized by Twitch, the world’s largest livestreaming platform, is a vital opportunity for DonorDrive’s enterprise nonprofit clients to connect directly with content creators of all kinds, corporate brands, and their existing supporters all in one collaborative, energetic environment.

The event, which draws 30,000 attendees, takes place October 20-22, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. It is expected to draw some of the largest names in streaming as participants, attendees, and sponsors.

The DonorDrive Charity World is the most interactive charity area on the exhibition floor, designed to showcase how easily content creators can make an impact for nonprofit causes. 

After attracting thousands of attendees to the DonorDrive Charity Arcade at last year’s TwitchCon, DonorDrive is hosting a significantly leveled up experience for attendees this October at Booth CH-1. This year’s DonorDrive Charity World is a unique, explorative space driving TwitchCon guests to interact and immerse themselves in our clients’ missions. Guests will experience a memorable and one-of-a-kind world full of inspiration and imagination by engaging with props, charity-specific art installations, and interactive elements.

Explore the DonorDrive Charity World — an immersive, multimedia experience filled with imagination and inspiration. Plot your course to another dimension — or follow our journey map — as you engage with your favorite content creators and collect exclusive charity pins and prizes.

Livestreaming is an effective and growing way to fundraise for nonprofit causes. Fundraisers who stream on DonorDrive raise 81% more on average than those who don’t. One DonorDrive client, Michigan Medicine’s #StreamforMott program has raised nearly $150,000 through partnerships with 238 content creators and donations from over 1,500 generous individuals and businesses.

National MS Society, first started their livestreaming program in 2020 with only around 7 people. Over they years they’ve grown that program and today have over 1,000 people registered for Stream to End MS. Additionally, DonorDrive has been the primary destination for the world’s largest charity gaming event, Extra Life, benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, since inception in 2011, whose community has raised over $100 million and will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year.  

Enterprise nonprofits choose DonorDrive as their main platform to run charity streaming programs that expand their audiences and diversify their fundraising efforts well into the future. DonorDrive’s highly-integrated livestream fundraising tools make a significant impact on the potential amount supporters can raise as more and more nonprofits turn to virtual and hybrid fundraising experiences. 

Seven DonorDrive clients are collaborating with DonorDrive for the Charity World:


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